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YoVille is a fun loving game that more and more people are starting to play, the game has a very playful and exciting nature to it, with an unlimited amount to do. Cheats of YoVille are high in demand; the game itself has a rich sense of competition.

Leveling up and earning Yocoins can be a restless and frustrating task, but not when you read this.

I am going to show you some amazing secrets on how to master the worlds most expansive rising online game.

Yopoints are needed to raise a characters` level. At the top middle of the screen, there is an indicator bar that will show you the characters current level, current yopoints and yopoints needed to achieve the next level.

Earning coins and points:

– Everyday players can visit up to 20 friends (Buddies) to earn coins and points.

– you can earn by assembling fishing rods, this will earn “yovillians” the most of yopoints, yocoins are also made by weaving fabric for cloths, because purchases are rewarded with YoPoints, the two are almost even ways to level up.

– being rewarded with a speedway will grant the player 25 yopoints. Racing at the speedway is one of the fastest way to make yopoints, up to 20 wins are possible.

As a character grows, it becomes harder to level up and you will need more points to move on, there are many basic ways to level up:

– The more crew members you recruit, the more money you can earn as you progress up the ladder of employment ie: worker, supervisor etc. To do this you need to befriend up to 200 people on Facebook who should automatically become your neighbours if they play YoVille. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that though and you may have to add them yourself from the invite box once in YoVille. Once they are your neighbours, there is no need to keep them as friends on Facebook although you may wish to. They will all end up in the Buddy List but you may only visit up to 20 friends a day which will get you up to +20 per person. Usually you can leave a message and just say cash dash or coin run. Sometimes you will get the chance to pick up a gift also.

YoVille is a game that requires a great deal of patience and determination, but is one of the best free online games to be used by millions on social networks.

Source by Nathan Gordon

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